Gooming-Caraway Kennels


All Breed Grooming 
Starting prices are further down 

Our Groomer, Kim, works Monday - Friday. Grooms are by appointment only!  Groom dogs are to be dropped off between 7:30am and 8:30 am, they are usually ready to go after 3 pm but you have until 6 pm to pick them up. Kim will also give you a call to let you know when your dog is done. If you are dropping off your dog for the first time we ask that you come closer to 8:30 am, if possible, to talk to Kim in person. All animals getting groomed must show proof of Rabies and Distemper vaccines. 

We offer cat grooming but if the cat won't cooperate or is being extremely difficult we will give you a call and let you know that we are unable to groom your cat. We do not want your cat or any employees to get hurt. 

Grooming includes a bath, ear cleaning, toenail trimming, and the cut/style of your choice. A price increase may also occur if you are looking for a more elaborate hairstyle like a fancy pattern on a poodle or if your dog is matted. There is a fee for extra combing/brushing. The price of the groom is at the discretion of the groomer.

Kim also offers a discounted price for puppies first groom. A first groom generally consists of a bath and trimming of their face and feet. It is always a good idea if you own a breed that will need to be groomed often to get them started when they are young. Kim also offers discounted pricing if you just need a bath and brush-out or their face/feet trimmed in-between your regular groom.

Airedale- $55 and up
Australian Shepherd - $50 and up
Border Collie: $50 and up
Bouvier - $65 and up
Chow Chow - $65 and up
Cocker Spaniel - $50 and up
Collie - $65 and up
Setter (English, Irish, Gordon) - $55 and up
German Shepherd - $50 and up
Golden Retriever - $55 and up
Great Pyrenees -  $70 and up
Husky - $50 and up
Irish Terrier - $50 and up
Keeshond - $50 and up
Lhasa Apso- $40 and up
Maltese - $40 and up
Newfie (Newfoundland) - $70 and up
Old English Sheepdog - $65 and up
Pekingese - $40 and up
Pomeranian - $40 and up
Samoyed - $65 and up
Mini Schnauzer - $40 and up
Standard Schnauzer  - $50 and up
Giant Schnauzer - $60 and up
Russian Terrier - $60 and up
Scottie - $45 and up
Sheltie - $45 and up
Shih Tzu - $40 and up
Springer Spaniel - $50 and up
Welsh Terrier - $45 and up
Westie - $40 and up
Wheaton - $50 and up
Yorkie - $40 and up

Poodle Pricing- If you are looking for one length all over, no clean feet/face and topknot. It will be closer to the base price depending on the condition of the dog. If you are looking for a more in-depth cut, like clean face and feet, some sort of pattern there may be an additional $10 to $15 to the base price.
 Toy Poodle (Under 20lbs) - $45 and up
Mini Poodle (20 to 35 lbs) - $50 and up
Standard Poodle (40lbs and up) - $60 and up

Designer Breeds:
Goldendoodle -$55 and up
Labradoodle - $55 and up
________Doodle (5 to 25lbs) - $40 and up
________Doodle (26 to 40lbs) - $45 and up
________Doodle (41lbs and up) - $55 and up
________Poo (21lbs and over) - $50 and up
________Poo (20lbs and under) - $45 and up

Cats:   Bath only - $40          Brush/Trim/Shave - $45 and up
Skunk Baths: Start at $40 and can go up to $60 depending on how bad and length of coat.
We cannot guarantee that the skunk smell will be completely gone, it all depends on how badly your dog has been skunked, it might take a couple of baths. 
Flea Bath add $8 on top of the groom
Toenail Trim can includes filing of the nails = $15

Kennel Baths by Appointment:Kennel baths are done by the staff, not the groomer. If you would like the groomer to give your dog a bath the price is different than these posted below.
Kennel baths include: Just a bath, toenail trim, ear cleaning, and a light brush out

Short hair Dogs:
10 to 20lbs - $20
21 to 45lbs - $24
over 45lbs - $30
over 90lbs - $36

Long Hair Dog:
10 to 20lbs- $22
21 to 45lbs - $26
over 45lbs - $32
over 90lbs- $40