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Doggie Daycare

Our program is very full so if you are a new client chances of getting into our program on a regular basis are extremely low. Please keep this in mind when you are making requests.
 Below explains how we run our program. 

To put in a daycare request click hereDaycare Day Request form If you are a brand new client please make sure you read through all the requirements and rules. 
Here We Go smiley There is a lot of information here but I hope that after you read all of this you will understand how our daycare program is run. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call at 517-655-4178 or email us at   
           About our Program:            
If you are looking for the typical "commercial" or  "warehouse-style" daycare program that you have seen on TV or other primary daycare facilities, you will not find this at our facility. We have been honing our daycare program for over the last 15yrs. Our main goal is to provide a safe environment that your dog can learn to play well with other dogs and burn off some extra energy. We believe that daycare is a great opportunity for dogs that have never boarded before to get used to the kennel before they have to stay overnight. We do not have an indoor play area. The play yards are all outside; we have two very large grass yards and two smaller gravel yards. A lot of daycare facilities only have cement or vinyl flooring for their play areas. We find that to be on cement or vinyl all the time is hard on the dog's feet, nails, and joints. We also like that our dogs don't get used to going to the bathroom indoors or on cement. Inside we have kennels or runs that are an average size of 4.5ft wide by 9ft long with 6ft sides. For the dog's first daycare day they are in their own kennel during downtime. After a few times coming into daycare if they are ready, we will put them into a kennel with a couple of other friends from their playgroup.daycarewebsite1

  Our program believes that dogs need downtime and structure. We have found that having downtime for the dogs leads to less unruly behavior and them actually playing and engaging more with the other dogs. Just like human kids, dogs that are constantly playing can become overtired and get moody or extremely hyper which can lead to outbursts and injury. Dogs generally live in the moment, so every time they run out into the yards after having downtime they get excited to play again. When they are in the yard they will only play for maybe 10 to 15 minutes and then wander off and not play. So we have decided to keep outside playtimes down to about 20 minutes or less; depending on the weather, too hot or too cold. When they are inside we provide them with Nyla bones to chew on and if they are okay having other dogs in the kennel with them they will sometimes wrestle amongst each other or maybe take a little snooze.
            We do not have a before pre-screening process or evaluation for your dog. We allow all breeds and ages to come in for daycare. Puppies have a much easier time adjusting to new situations and they learn good play manners from the get-go. We do require puppies to have at least two Distemper/Parvo shots; it usually shows up on your vet receipt with the initials DHLPP or something along those linessmiley  By the time they have two distemper shots they are somewhere between the age of 10 to 12 weeks (more on requirements towards the bottom) We do allow toys in the yards and promote teaching the dogs to share, but sometimes dogs can get possessive over toys and if that is the case we just take the toys out when those dogs are playing.
We do not believe in "flooding" our first-time daycare dogs with a bunch of dogs right away. Their first day can sometimes be a little scary for some dogs no matter their age. So we typically let them get used to the facility and the staff and only introduce them to one or two other dogs. If they are super relaxed and are enjoying themselves their first day we may let them out with a larger group. As your dog comes in more days their playgroup will expand or it may not it all depends on the dog. Our playgroups are always smaller in size than most daycare facilities. We only allow 6 to 8 dogs out together at one time. Smaller groups ensure better socialization, less bullying, and better safety. If a fight were to break out between two dogs we are able to control it better and break it up faster than if we had groups of 30 plus dogs out together at one time. Dogs are pack animals and when altercations occur some dogs want to jump in and "help" so having small groups helps to keep them safer. Always remember that we try our hardest to not have fights break out or dogs get injured but they do have teeth and they can sometimes get puncture wounds or scrapes.
            Some people wonder "What do I need to bring in with my dog?" Honestly, you don't have to bring in anything. We have everything you can think of here, bowls, bedding, toys, and Nyla bones. We don't have a ton of extra space for daycare dogs to bring in all of their belongings. We also find that our bedding and toys smell like so many other dogs they become "neutral" but a dog's own personal bedding and toys smell like their human family and can sometimes lead to fights amongst the dogs over these items. If you provide lunch for your dog we do not mind feeding them. This being said, if your dog does not need to eat three times a day, then I would not bring in lunch for them. This is better for your dog and their health while here at the kennel. We have to worry about bloat in dogs that are eating and playing hard. When dogs get lunch we have to make sure that they are inside and relaxed for 30 to 45mins before we feed them and then let them digest their food for 30 to 45mins after they eat. This can sometimes cut into their playtime with others. We even suggest that you feed your dog breakfast at least 30mins before you drop them off at the kennel and wait 30mins before you feed them dinner. If you do bring in food for your dog we have a pickup basket in the office waiting area just under the shelf, you will find your baggies or containers in here at the end of the day. Again, we do not have a lot of extra space to keep a large container of food for your dog but if your dog is coming five days a week you are more than welcome to leave a bag for the whole week just please remember to pick it up at the end of the week.

       Payment:  you will be required to pay for your approved dates at the beginning of the week or the first day you drop them off. If you have a set schedule like twice a week or three times a week, 5 times a week; you are more than welcome to prepay a large sum in advance and work off the balance. You will be charged for any approved dates unless you have given us a full 24hrs notice in advance.
Daycare around the Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and the week of July fourth,  you will be charged for those approved dates regardless if you give 24hr advanced notice that you do not need to bring in your dog. You can also call 517-655-4178 and leave your requests or cancellations with the staff member that answers the phone but if you are on this website the best way is to use the link above.

    Dropping off and Picking up Rules: When dropping off your dog please make sure you keep your dog on a short leash, meaning right next to you when other dogs or people are around. We do allow dogs that may be aggressive towards other dogs or people into our facility for boarding and grooming. Please do not assume that just because you have a super friendly dog that gets along with everyone that every other dog is friendly too. Our waiting area is small and the staff is not allowed to bring another dog into the waiting area until the dog that was last brought up is out of the building or at least under control and heading out the door, so please keep this in mind when you are picking up your dog. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 11 am for drop off and 1 pm to 6 pm for pick up.
Vaccinations: We require all dogs older than 6 months of age to be current on their Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Puppies under the age of 6 months must have at least two Distemper/Parvo shots and Bordetella before they come into the building. Usually, we ask for the Bordetella vaccine to be given at least 10 days before you bring your dog into the building. For our established daycare dogs we ask that when your dog needs a Bordetella update that you try to get an appointment for the shot on a Thursday or Friday so that you can keep the dog away for a few days. Sometimes the dogs can shed the virus into the kennel after they get the vaccine especially when it is given intranasal (up their nose). BUT, whenever you take your dog to a kennel, daycare facility, vet clinic, dog park, pet store, training classes or even playing with your neighbor's or friend's dog; you risk the chance of your dog picking up an upper respiratory virus. The Bordetella vaccine helps to prevent some of these respiratory viruses, but I like to think of it as the flu vaccine. You can still get flu even if you have the vaccine but the symptoms might not be as severe. You can read more about Bordetella and kennel cough under our "Let Talk about" section on our website.

            Free Bath Program:If you consistently bring in your dog two or more days a week, every week, then you will be enrolled in our free daycare bath program.  Once you rack up 15 days of daycare you will be issued a FREE BATH CARD. You will find these on the white dry erase board in the office waiting area. The free bath cards expire in one month and if you could please take your card off the board to make room for more cards to go up that would be greatly appreciated. When you are ready to use your free bath card, please turn it into one of the staff members and let us know which days you plan on bringing your dog in for daycare that week and we will schedule them for the best day that works for us. Sometimes we will have too many baths on one day already and we won't be able to fit your dog into that schedule. You cannot use your free bath card for grooming appointments. Our groomer is completely separate from this program.
         HOLIDAY WAIT LISTS: If you are a daycare client that comes in two or more days a week, every week, and ends up on one of our waitlists for boarding; you will be eligible to get chosen off the list before the non-daycare clients. We appreciate our daycare clients and want to be able to give you an edge up if you get placed on our waitlists. Now, this does not guarantee that you will always get in off of our waitlists it just gives you a better chance than non-daycare clients. So still get those reservations in early. 
1 dog = $20 for the day
Multiple Dogs in the Same Family:
2 dogs same owner* = $35 for the day
3 dogs same owner* = $45 for the day

 * The same owner means that the dogs have to be under that same name at the vet as they are here at the kennel. Even if you are dropping off your parent's dog with your dog or a friend's dog with your dog, you will both get charged the 1 dog price. You will only get the discounted price if you actually own multiple dogs. 

Weekend Daycare:
We do offer limited weekend daycare that you have to sign up for in advance. Weekend daycare is completely separate from the week daycare.
Price for daycare on Saturday or Sunday:
1 dog = $30 for the day
2 dogs same owner* = $40 for the day
Weekend daycare clients are the only people that can drop off outside of our normal weekend hours w/o paying an additional fee. The earliest you can drop off is 8:15 am on Saturday or Sunday and you have to pick up between our 5 pm and 6 pm hour.