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Dog Boarding

- Please check out the Requirements page and the Registration form so you can be as informed as possible before you bring your dog in to board. 002
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The average size kennel that a dog stays in is 4ft x 9ft. We have some that are a little smaller (2.5 x 9) and some that are a little bigger (3.5 x 16) All of the kennels are cement block and almost every kennel has a Kuranda bed, check out the beds at Since the kennels are cement block this helps us keep the kennel as sanitary as possible. We also have both UV air filters and plasma air filters along with a large overhead air ventilator to help remove viruses and bacteria that may be in the air. The entire kennel is air-conditioned and heated. We even have these great radiant heated floors in the largest part of the kennel which the dogs love. 

    The kennel is divided into 4 areas. The owner lives above the kennel so where the house is we keep the dogs that don't bark in those 2 areas, we also have 2 areas for our more vocal visitors. The kennel management determines the best place for your dog to stay while at the kennel. We try very hard to find the right place so that your dog can have the least stressful stay. All of the kennels are indoor and we then let the dogs out into our yards throughout the day. The dogs go out 5 to 7 times a day, the length of time is determined by weather and if your dog is a barker. If they are quiet and the weather is decent they stay out longer. If they bark a lot and/or the weather is very cold or very hot they may only be out for a few minutes at a time but go out more often. The back yards are made up of 2 large grass yards and 2 smaller gravel yards; each dog spends time in both types of yards throughout the day. The staff leaves a little after 6 pm, then the owner or manager do a last walk through around 8 pm to make sure everyone is tucked in for the night and to let out any pups that need one last potty break; the staff gets back in around 6:45 in the morning. 

    We have food and water bowls here, they are mainly stainless steel but please let us know if your dog eats out of a ceramic or plastic bowl. This way we can give them the same type of bowl they are using at home. Water is in their kennel and out in the yards all the time. We scrub out all of the water bowls every morning and refill them as needed throughout the day. We carry a wide variety of foods, if we don't carry the brand/type you feed, you are more than welcome to bring in your own food. We ask that you label the container or baggie that you bring in with the brand and type of food you are feeding. The food we carry at the kennel:Iams MiniChunks, Iams Lamb and Rice, Science Diet Adult Sensitive StomachPurina Proplan Chicken, Purina One Adult Chicken, Blue Buffalo Grain Free Turkey and Potato, Natural Balance Potato & Duck, Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison and Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish.We do not carry any senior food or puppy food. 

    You can bring in as little or as much with you to the kennel here are some suggestions as to what and what not to bring.
What you do not need to bring:Food and water bowls, food unless we don't carry what you feed, beds that are over-sized and cannot fit into a normal size washing machine, any toys or chews that your dog cannot have unsupervised. Do not bring anything in that is super expensive like a big fancy bed or a special toy. Dogs can sometimes take out their frustration on their beds and or toys and you may not get them back in the same way they came into the kennel. You have been warned :)
What you can bring: Any toys or chews that your dog can have unsupervised, a blanket or towel from home (please write your name on your towel or blanket from home), and of course food if we don't carry your brand. 

 We also carry basically everything your dog needs at the kennel. We have a bunch of different kinds of beds, blankets, and rugs to go in their kennel, we have Nyla bones that we pass out to the dogs, and a bunch of different types of toys out the yards. So you can just bring in your dog and nothing else. 

    You are more than welcome to stop by anytime during our business hours for a tour. No appointment needed for a tour.

We do not allow dogs on these tours, so if you do bring them please keep them in your car, Thank you!

   Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions. You can set up a reservation by calling 517-655-4178 or by email at


We charge by the night and with a 10-night stay, you get a Free Bath.

Dogs 10-20 lbs = $28/night
Dogs 21-45lbs = $30/night

Dogs over 45lbs = $32/night

2 Dogs/1 kennel = $50/night

3 Dogs/1 kennel =$60/night

4 Dogs/1 kennel = $75/night

We do not charge extra for group playtime or outside play. If your dog normally comes in for daycare we will put them out with their daycare friends at no extra charge.