Deposit and Cancellation Policy

As of 2017 here is our cancellation and deposit policy. 
        Outside of Holidays we ask that you please call and cancel as soon as you know you will not need your reservation. We are extremely busy almost year round and those kennels can be filled if you don't need your spot. We require deposits to hold your spot for the public school spring break which is usually the 1st week in April, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years holiday weeks. 

We do not require the deposit at the time you make the reservation. We will send out postcards about 1 month to 1.5 months before the holiday with the dates you reserved and a date that you have to confirm/cancel your reservation and also get your deposit into us. Deposits can be made by check, cash or credit card. Credit cards can be given over the phone and you can mail in checks but please make sure they get here before the cut off date. If you leave a credit card with us this information is kept private and will only be used if you loose your deposit. We will shred all information once you have brought your dog in for the reservation. If we do not receive a confirmation and your deposit by the date given on your postcard we will cancel your reservation and fill the spot immediately. Please make sure we have a correct address for you in our system. If you do not receive a postcard that can mean we do not have your address correct in our system or you never made a reservation. At the bottom of this page will list when confirmation and deposits are due for upcoming holidays. 

Public School Spring Break (Generally 1st full week in April): This will be a $100 deposit for dogs and a  $50 for cats to hold reservation
Thanksgiving: We will require a $50 deposit for dogs and a $25 deposit for cats to hold reservation
Christmas & New Years: We will require a $100 deposit for dogs and a $50 deposit for cats to hold your reservation. We also require a minimum stay of 3 nights. If you do not need 3 nights you can pick up your dog or cat early but will still have to pay for 3 nights.
Over Just the New Years Holiday: If your reservation starts on or after the 29th of December; we require a $50 deposit for dogs and a $25 deposit for cats.   

If you cancel after the cut off date for confirmations you will loose your deposit, it does not matter if there is a medical, family or weather emergency that comes up. 

SPRING BREAK 2018- Postcards went out on 2/16/18 and deposits and confirmations are due on 3/10 /18. You have until the 10th to modify or cancel your dates without losing your deposit. After the 10th if you cancel for any reason or shorten your dates by more than two nights you will lose your deposit.