Cat Boarding-Caraway Kennels

Caraway Kennels

Cat Boarding

- Every cat has their own individual kitty condo (cage), they are 4.5ft high x 1.5ft wide x 3ft long. We can fit one or two cats from the same family in this cage. In each cage there is a litter box, water and food dishes and either a carpeted hidey hole or a comfy bed. 

- We have an extra large cage that is 6ft x 2ft x 5ft, but no more than three cats from the same family can go in this cage.

- Litter boxes are cleaned multiple times a day along with water and food changes.

- If the cats are friendly and do not bug the other boarding cats too much we allow them to wander around the room during the day.

- We carry Iams, Science Diet and NutriSource dry cat food and a variety of can food. 

- We need to see current vaccine records in order to board any cats. They must be current on Rabies & Distemper. We do not required but recommend that they have the Feline Leukemia vaccine.


1 cat/1 cage = $15/night
2 cats/1 cage = $22/night
3 cats/1 cage = $30/night

Sorry cat clients we do not offer a Free bath after 10 nights of boarding (like we do for the dogs) but we do offer a free toenail trim and a brush out, if the cat is freindly and will allow us. We want their stay with us to be as stress free as possible and not hate coming to board because we are going to brush them out.