Cat Boarding

- Every cat has their own individual kitty condo (cage), they are 4.5ft high x 1.5ft wide x 3ft long. We can fit one or two cats from the same family in this cage. In each cage there is a litter box, water and food dishes and either a carpeted hidey hole or a comfy bed. 

- We have an extra large cage that is 6ft x 2ft x 5ft, but no more than three cats from the same family can go in this cage.

- Litter boxes are cleaned multiple times a day along with water and food changes.

- If the cats are friendly and do not bug the other boarding cats too much we allow them to wander around the room during the day.

- We carry Iams, Science Diet and NutriSource dry cat food and a variety of can food. 

- We need to see current vaccine records in order to board any cats. They must be current on Rabies & Distemper. We do not required but recommend that they have the Feline Leukemia vaccine.


1 cat/1 cage = $15/night
2 cats/1 cage = $22/night
3 cats/1 cage = $30/night