Requirements to board at the kennel:

All pets:

-All pets must be checked in by 5pm Monday thru Sunday. If you are dropping off Saturday during our pm hours please have your pet in as close to 5pm as possible.

- The owner or manager must ok all boarding reservations over 3 weeks.

For dogs:

Rabies, Distemper & **Bordetella a.k.a Kennel Cough. (these are required for daycare also)

We prefer Rabies and Distemper are given at least 72hrs before boarding, to ensure that your pet will be protected and will not be shedding any viruses to the rest of the dogs.

** We require Bordetella to be given at least 2 weeks before your dog enters the kennel for either boarding, daycare or grooming. We have figured out through trail and error that dogs vaccinated right before they board have a tendency to stress and shed the virus, which infects the kennel and the other dogs. 

Most Vets do not vaccinate for bordetella unless you request it.

We only allow puppies that have had 2 sets of distemper/parvo combo shots to board/daycare with us.

- 1st time boarders that are staying over 10 days must do at least 1 day of daycare no less than 7 days before they board. This really helps your dog get to know our routine and for us to get to know your dog.

- We welcome all breeds but have found in the last 30 years that the breeds listed below have a harder time boarding than other breeds. We have found that these breeds have a tendency to have major separation anxiety and want to hurt themselves, other dogs or our staff, if they are not used to being boarded.  If you own one of the breeds listed below that is over the age of 8 months, we require that you bring your dog in for a day of daycare at least once prior to your stay. We want to make sure that your dog has a pleasant time staying with us.

Here is the list of breeds require to do daycare before they board at our facility: Akita or Akita Mixes, American Staffordshire Terrier or Am Staff Mixes, Australian Cattle Dogs/Blue Heelers or Cattle Dog/Heeler Mixes, Belgian Malinois or Malinois Mixes, Boxer or Boxer Mixes, Dutch Shepards or Dutch Shepard Mixes, German Shepherds or German Shepherd Mixes, Pit Bull or Pit Bull Mixes, Weimaraner, or Weimaraner Mixes. 

As always we recommend that if you are a first time boarder it is a good idea to bring your dog in for a day of daycare to help ease the boarding process.

- We do not board: Females that are in heat or will be in heat during their boarding. We also do not board dogs that have had surgery less than 10 days prior to boarding.

For cats:

Rabies, Distemper & Feline Leukemia (optional)

If there is a medical reason that your pet is not vaccinated we need a note from your vet as to why. Proof of vaccinations must be received in order to board your animals with us.