Extras-Caraway Kennels

Caraway Kennels

Extra Playtime and Snacks

Playtime - $8 each time up to twice a day.
Playtime consists of one on one time with a staff member in which we let your dog and the weather decide what they would like to do. Of course you can always let us know if they love to play ball or go for walks that will factor into their playtime. We offer going on walks, playing ball or frisbee, snuggle time, playing in the pools in the summer or in the snow in the winter. 


Kong of the Month - $6 each 
-Each month will feature a different kong with dog safe food frozen inside a kong
May Kong of the Month: Breakfast Kong which consists of oatmeal, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries alittle honey and some peanut butter to keep it all in. 

Frozen Kongs: $3 each

- a kong filled with peanut butter

Doggie Ice Cream: $2 each

- frozen doggie ice cream (Yoghund Brand) 
Dental Chews: $1, $2 or $3 size
- Brand of Chew is Paragon Whimzees