Extras-Caraway Kennels

Caraway Kennels

Extra Activities and Treats

Nature Hike: $5 each time

- 10min to 15min leashed walk through the woods or by our sheep pastures.

Ball/Frisbee: $5 each time

- 10min to 20min ball or frisbee or both if you dog enjoys doing both out in our large fenced grass yards

Water Play (only offered in warm weather months):   $5 each time

- 10 min to 15min playtime in our large or small kiddy pools with water toys provided. This is a great way to cool down in the summer time.

Tummy Rubs: $ 5 each time

- 10min to 15min one on one time with your dog and a kennel worker


Kong of the Month - $6 each 
-Each month will feature a different kong with dog safe food frozen inside a kong
April Kong of the Month is Banana Coconut Smoothie

Frozen Kongs: $3 each

- a kong filled with peanut butter

Doggie Ice Cream: $2 each

- frozen doggie ice cream (Yoghund Brand) 
Dental Chews: $1, $2 or $3 size
- Brand of Chew is Paragon Whimzees